Sustain4 places emphasis on sustainability and development, led by its passionate owner. Leveraging their experience, they assist you in genuinely reducing your environmental footprint and adopting practical and responsible practices.

Our objective?

Constructing a sustainable future through action, not mere words.

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Join us now, and let’s collaborate on your tangible sustainability goals to contribute to a better, Environmentally friendly world.

With diverse experience across various sustainability and development projects, I can assist you in minimizing your environmental impact, regardless of your location.


Alain Oppliger, a renewable energy engineer, has over 20 years of experience in global strategies and multicultural team management. As a Water and Habitat Program Coordinator at the ICRC, he effectively resolves complex issues in conflict zones. His skills encompass strategy implementation, network management, and stakeholder engagement. His values include efficiency, positive impact, autonomy, and intercultural teamwork. He designed the ICRC’s sustainability framework and coordinated water and habitat programs in challenging contexts. He advocates ICRC’s sustainability strategies to various stakeholders, showcasing his expertise in engineering and humanitarian work.

However, what truly sets him apart from the usual blabla is his unwavering insistence on tangible results – results that are not only pragmatic but effective. For him, it’s not enough to merely navigate the realm of ideas; he’s driven by the pursuit of concrete results that work seamlessly in reality.